Ram Castillo is the author of the book 'How to get a job as a designer, guaranteed' – The most effective step-by-step guide for design students and graduates'. Published in Australia in 2014, the book takes his existing blog (created in 2012) to a whole new level.

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International industry acclaim for the book:

“Ram is revealing what would take years to learn for students and graduates in one punchy, practical book.” – Matt Eastwood, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at JWT

“As someone who struggled for two whole years to break in to my own creative career, I applaud Ram for sharing these vital tricks of the trade. I wish someone had been good enough to give me an insider’s guide like this when I was starting out!” – Ben Lilley, Chairman and CEO at McCann Worldgroup

“I congratulate Ram on an excellent guide for anyone aspiring to a career in design. It distills years of hard earned experience down into concise and practical advice on how to package, polish, promote and profit from your talent.” – Scott Smith, Creative Director at RAPP

“If you’re serious about working in this industry, then read this book. Short, sharp and very real. It’s an action guide. And it will provide excellent insight from the perspective of employers. It’s partly poetic, and deeply informative.” – Andrew Hoyne, Creative Director and Principal at Hoyne

“A clear and concise step by step approach to getting a job in the design industry, Ram has compiled this engaging publication with hands on experience. The insights he gives are honest, refreshing and highly relevant to today’s changing employment conditions.” – Ian Wingrove, Creative Director at Wingrove Design

“This book comes out of the gates swinging. It’s an eye opener for all design students and graduates that are serious about choosing the path of design.” – Daniel Farrugia, Design Director at Imagination

“Selling yourself isn’t an easy task. The book ‘How to get a job as a designer, guaranteed’ provides the priceless help you need to avoid bad interviews, mistakes and disappointments.” – Marco Eychenne, Executive Creative Director at Lavender

“This is the missing advice they don’t teach you in college or university. It covers everything you need to know when getting started and is a joy to read.” – Declan Mimnagh, Creative Lead at Expedia (ANZ)

“In my experience the lessons taught by failure and pain are the most instructive. Ram shares lessons from his journey with a healthy dose of both. Read, learn, enjoy the ride and launch your career with a clearer sense of a path well followed.” – Ted Leonhardt, Author: Nail It, Stories for Designers on Negotiating with Confidence. Teacher: Creative Live, Worth It: Negotiation for Creatives.

“Ram’s unique mix of creative instinct, artistry and pragmatism makes this essential reading. Smart man, smart advice.” – Grant Higgins, Executive Creative Director at GPJ Australia

“I have Ram to thank for helping me earn a position at a top-notch marketing firm. He taught me how to think like a designer and present myself like a businessman. I cannot thank him enough.” – Eric Wilson, Student, Designer and Dreamer, Chapman University

“‘How to get a job as a designer, guaranteed’ provided me with the insight it took for me to live my dream career as a designer, I wouldn’t have taken the leap without him.” – Tim Fox, Bachelor of Science Software Engineering, UX Designer

“Ram’s advice has been an integral part to progressing as a designer, especially in my early stages. I regret not consulting with him sooner. He’s a true advocate for nurturing the grass roots of the design industry.” – Alisha Allport, Bachelor of Visual Communications, UI/UX Designer at ShinyThings